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The excellent performance of U-pvc doors and windows(二)

  • Author:Annie
  • Release on :2017-02-28

The excellent performance of U-pvc doors and windows(二)

1. Corrosion resistance

Plastic doors and windows because of its unique formula and has good corrosion resistance, And plastic steel window corrosion depends on the use of hardware, under the normal environment,handwares are metal products, and corrosive environment of the industry, such as food, Medicine, health, chemical and coastal areas, rainy wet areas, the choice of anti-corrosion hardware (engineering plastics), its life is 10 times as long as general hardware.

2. Weatherability

Plastic doors and windows with special formula, the raw materials to add heat stabilizer, light shielding agent, UV absorbers, antioxidants and low temperature impact agent, thereby improving the steel doors and windows weather resistance. Long-term use in the temperature and climate of the environment, between -30 degrees to 70 degrees, the sun, heavy rain, dry, wet changes, no discoloration, deterioration, aging, embrittlement and so on. Plastic windows in Western Europe has been 30 years of examples, the material intact as ever.


3. fire resistance

 Plastic doors and windows are not spontaneous combustion, do not help combustion, from the fire self-extinguishing, safe and reliable, in line with fire protection requirements, this performance has expanded the use of steel doors and windows.


4. Insulation performance

 Plastic doors and windows using special profiles of excellent electrical insulator, non-conductive, high safety factor.



5. Sound insulation performance

Mainly in the area of ​​about 80% of the glass sound insulation effect, the market some sound insulation steel doors and windows products based on acoustic resonance transmission principle and coupling, the use of different glass composite structure, such as hollow glass plastic window, ordinary double glass, enhanced Door and window sound effects. In the doors and windows structure, the use of high-quality plastic strips, the use of plastic sealing parts, making plastic doors and windows sealed sound insulation performance is remarkable.