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Pvc Resin Powder

PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is vinyl chloride monomer (vinyl chloride monomer, referred to as VCM) in the peroxide, azo compounds and other initiators; or in the light, heat under the action of free radical polymerization mechanism Polymerization of the polymer. Vinyl chloride homopolymer and vinyl chloride copolymer collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resin.

PVC was the world's largest production of general-purpose plastic, the application is very extensive. In the building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, floor leather, floor tiles, leather, pipe, wire and cable, packaging films, bottles, foam materials, sealing materials, fiber and so on are widely used.

PVC resin powder polymerization degree of an indicator, called the K value, with the degree of polymerization is the corresponding, K65-K67 is probably the polymerization degree of 1000. Domestic commonly used PVC powder is mainly 700,800,1000 and 1300 four degrees of polymerization, Namely SG8, SG7, SG5 and SG3 type, corresponding to K57, K60, K67 and K73 four models.

PVC resin is divided into two kinds of calcium carbide and ethylene.Current domestic production of PVC powder are mostly calcium carbide method , Basically K67 is 1000 polymerization degree, the resin quality is relatively good, impurities, crystal point, mainly used in the profiles, the production of the manufacturers are very, can find online "calcium carbide PVC resin "The quality of ethylene is much better, the manufacturer is relatively small, most of the products are 800 K60, but also a lot of 1000 and 1300, as Tianjin LG, Tianjin Dagu, Ningbo Formosa Plastics, Ningbo Hanwha , Taicang Huasu, Shanghai Chlor-Alkali, Qilu Petrochemical, and so are the ethylene law.