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PVC Profile

PVC profiles is used of doors and windows , as early as the late 1950s has been in Germany.Since 1983 China has introduced it and widely used it in the late nineteen twentieth century.

Due to the simple processing of PVC doors and windows strength is not enough, usually add steel to the cavity to enhance the firmness of doors and windows, so the internal steel profiles made of steel doors and windows are often referred to as plastic doors and windows. With the widly use of steel doors and windows, PVC profiles used to be called steel profiles. Steel also used as a barrier material.


Composition structure

PVC  resin as the main raw material of PVC Profile, plus a certain percentage of the stabilizer, colorant, fillers, UV absorbers ect, extruded into the profile.


Plastic steel referred to as steel,because of its main chemical composition is PVC, also known as PVC profiles,is widely used as a new type of building materials.Due to its physical properties such as rigidity, elasticity, corrosion resistance, excellent anti-aging properties, PVC Profile usually used as copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals substitutes.

As the result of PVC Profiles unique advantages, it is widely used and gradually replaced the wooden doors and windows. Compared with Aluminum and Wooden Doors&Windows,PVC Doors&Windows  have the following advantages:

1. Cheap:The price of plastic is much lower than the same strength and life of aluminum, due to the sharp rise in the price of metal, the advantages become more apparent.

2. Colorful: The extensive application of color steel profiles provides the convenient to Construction Industry. In order to achieve harmony with the appearance of the building, the use of wooden doors&windows, the manufacturers often paint on the surface of doors and windows,in the case of UV aging paint is easy to peel off in few years,and dont match the building life. Then people invented the color aluminum doors&windows, as to the price is expensive, the average consumer can not afford. The use of PVC doors&windows to solve this problem, and the colorful PVC Profiles make the Doors&Windows look more beautiful.

3. Durable: By adding enhanced steel to the profile cavity, the material strength has been greatly improved, with seismic, wind erosion effect. Multi cavity structure in profile, independent drainage cavity, so that the water can not enter the reinforced steel cavity, avoid corrosion of steel doors and windows, so that the service life improved. Adding anti ultraviolet the composition of weather resistant steel profiles are improved, even if the strong ultraviolet tropical regions can be used.

4. Insulation performance: Plastic steel profile its thermal conductivity is far less than the Aluminums, the other multi-cavity structure is designed to achieve the effect of insulation. Studies have shown that the same type of room the use of plastic doors and windows in the summer room room temperature than aluminum doors and windows of the room average low 5-7 , in different parts of winter will be higher than 8-15 .

5. Sound insulation performance: PVC Plastic Doors&Windows with Vacuum Glass has excellent sound insulation performance.Soundproof has become the main conditions for the choice of Doors&Windows, especially in the downtown area of the house. Plastic Doors&Windows assembly using welding technology, coupled with a closed multi-cavity structure, the shielding effect of noise is obvious.