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How to identify fake resin tiles

  • Author:Laura
  • Source:中塑网
  • Release on :2017-03-28
How to identify fake resin tiles

Resin tile is a new generation of environmentally friendly chemical building materials, it has won more and more attention and recognition in the construction industry with unique performance advantages. The resin tile accords with the future development direction of building materials, has a tremendous market potential.

At present, the domestic market has emerged a lot of fake and shoddy resin tile products. In order to allow the majority of consumers to have a correct understanding of resin tile and choice, we provide the following four methods to identify the resin tile :

1.Weigh proportion
The main raw material of PVC resin tile  is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), its proportion is about 1.4.
Weighing tile 1 square meters large, weight, volume is 1.4 proof resin tile advocate for PVC, can effectively ensure the service life of the product. The weight / volume >1.4 proof resin tile adds a large amount of calcium carbonate and other filling materials, which not only can guarantee the service life of the product, and the product is very brittleness, easy to break that is only applicable to simple temporary construction. 
2.With fire
The fire ignited the resin tile corner fire left, the flames immediately self interest. And the flames spread resin tile and greatly stimulate smell. The reason is: fake resin tile add a lot of heavy calcium carbonate in order to make the product has certain flexibility, in which to add a plasticizer, which has auxiliary combustion effect of such products is not conform to the requirements and weather resistance, cracking in the sunlight.
3.Hand weighs, percussion
Resin tile light texture, the board and the board have struck boredom; shoddy imitation resin tile with weigh a heavy hand. The board and the board on the crisp sound.
4.Look at appearance
The outline of the resin tile is clear and the material itself is glossy.Or it's Imitation resin tile.
In view of many traditional roofing materials are difficult to solve the problem, in order to achieve the proposed 12th Five-Year "plan" high-strength, lightweight, energy saving, land saving, waste recycling, all the function of environmental protection ", a large number of domestic enterprises began to explore the roof of composite materials and innovation. As a new type of composite plastic tile roofing materials are A new force suddenly rises.