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Historic China PVC profile development and developing prospect of PVC profiles

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  • Release on :2017-03-31
China PVC profile development history 

PVC profile with the high-speed development period the product experienced input. Timescale. Can be defined respectively 1980 s-1990 s medium and 1995-2002. Later in 2003 as Pvc Profile the date entered in the industry in the transition period.

Entry period PVC profilesfollow the manufacturer\'s of universal low construction cost. Window and door, PVC profile URsimplify.add \\ \' do he\'s formulated PVC profiles of calcium carbonate. Product results in performance degradation. A lot of quality question baneful effect for PVC product introduction.

Experience the powerful European Technology companies abroad A number of absorbed since 1995. PVC profilesit on my own window and door URseries.and interior plastic doors and windows doors and windows technology reformation trades. promote and be a leader and all plastic doors and Windows made develops. the rapid growth of unprecedented development and high is also traded.

Plastic doors and windows in the mature stage is entered, also means that the time since 2003, many of the approximately 300 industrial comprehensive productivity made redundancy million a lot of product Market requirement: new inventor outclass innovation and technology innovation has not begun with, they simply just taking a short cut and even simulate fake counterfeit goods. Unhealthy state industry competition.

Raw material market price walking constantly, this unhealthy competition. intensifying the production made the company a fraction might see production status or half the trouble. be closed.

The development prospect of PVC profiles

\"During the ninth five-year plan\", with an average annual growth rate of 8% per China economic. \"The tenth five-year plan\" construction of more infrastructure recommendations and develop more stable carry of urbanization strategy. A country-wide PVC profiles provides a wide field for the industry.