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Hardwares/Accessories For Plastic Window And Door

The development of the hardware accessories of the window is closely related to the evolution of the window form and the windowing mode. The reason for this evolution is the perception of the window function and the convenience of the window. Accurately describing the history of the development of the window requires a lot of work, where we can only rationalize the window in the people need to drive the development process. When the use of glass in humans is not yet widespread, the windows are used for lighting and for people to overlook the distance or to watch the outside world.

Perhaps the use of aluminum for the manufacture of windows, people developed a sliding window. The sliding window has no problem with the stopper at all because the sliding window window is basically the same as the fixed state when opened and closed. One drawback of the sliding window is that there must be at least one fixed fan, which greatly reduces the window area: another fatal weakness is simply not possible to achieve air tightness and watertightness requirements. Sliding window sash fixed point is the upper and lower rails, so the wind pressure strength is also very limited. Modern buildings on the energy and other functions of the increasingly high demand for the window of the seal and insulation, air tightness and watertight, sound insulation and wind strength and even anti-theft level has strict requirements. In order to achieve a variety of comprehensive requirements, then produced a tilt within the flat window, or European style windows.

The windows of modern glass curtain walls are related to the way in which the window frames are fixed on the curtain wall. As the glass curtain wall of the air tightness, watertight and wind strength requirements are higher, the curtain wall on the window of the accessories are relatively independent of the need to develop.

The window of modern architecture is not limited to the level of manpower, starting from the requirements of ventilation and exhaust, the height of the window is an important factor in determining the efficiency of ventilation and ventilation, so people invented a variety of window device.