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PVC Profile Advantages

 PVC Profile Advantages

1.Insulation energy-saving: PVC profile with multi-cavity structure, has good insulation properties, its heat transfer coefficient is low, only 1/357 steel, aluminum 1/1250, its economic and social benefits are enormous.

2.Airtightness:Plastic Doors&Windows installed in all cracks are equipped with rubber seals and tops, so its airtightness is much higher than the Aluminum Doors&Windows, while the plastic casement Doors&Windowss airtightness is higher than the sliding window airtight. Generally, the casement window of the air tightness of up to five, sliding window up to two

3.Watertightness: Because of the steel section has a unique multi-cavity structure, have an independent drainage chamber, whether it is box or fan of the water can be effectively discharged.Plastic steel flat window watertightness and far higher than the sliding window, Under normal circumstances, the flat window watertight up to five, sliding window up to three to four.

4.Anti wind pressure resistance: In a separate plastic material cavity, can be filled with 1.5 ~ 3MM thick steel lining, and according to the local wind pressure values, building height, hole size, window design to choose the thickness of steel and High-rise buildings can choose a large cross-section sliding window or flat window, the wind pressure intensity up to six or more, low-rise buildings can choose outside the window or small cross-section sliding window, Wind pressure intensity generally in three.

5.Corrosion resistance: Steel profiles with a unique formula, with good corrosion resistance, such as the choice of anti-corrosion hardware, stainless steel profiles, the service life of steel windows is about 10 times.

6.Weather Resistance:Plastic profile with a unique formula to improve its resistance to cold. Steel doors and windows can be used for a long time in a large temperature difference between the environment (-50 ~70 OC), sun exposure, wet will not appear the deterioration, aging, embrittlement phenomenon, the first steel doors and windows has been used for 30 years, the material intact according to this calculation, under normal conditions, steel doors and windows with a life span of 50 years.